Sandbar | American cream ale
5.25% Alcohol | 16 IBUs

An ale version of the light American lager style beer. Our cream ale is smooth, medium bodied and low in bitterness. The speciality grain blend adds some complexity with a clean, sweet fruity malt profile and a hint of buttered toast in the aroma and flavor.


raspberry shandy | raspberry wheat
4.0% Alcohol | 18 IBUs

Our wheat beer has a light-golden color and smooth finish. This thirst-quenching, light bodied summer ale is enhanced by a hint of fresh raspberry flavor.

signs point north | ipa
6.25% Alcohol | 24 IBUs

Our India Pale Ale is an easy-going IPA that balances a malty-sweet yet clean start and a light hoppy bitterness in the back. It's lightbodiedness makes this beer a refreshing beer for anyone to enjoy. 


lake water | ipa
5.21% Alcohol | 79 IBUs

An English style IPA with a nice gold color. It has a full body with a grapefruit tone and clean finish.